As the project has grown bigger I figured I’d move from a media site to a little blog thing. I don’t really expect anyone to be interested in reading what I have to say but while working on some features I’ve felt the urge to type out some thoughts, so this will mostly be a channel for that.

Since I removed the old site this first post is just going to be dump of what content was hosted there, so here we go:

30_lit_particles 29_pbr

28_motionblur 27_normalmapping3

26_normalmapping2 25_normalmapping

24_directvsambience 23_editorgui

22_consoleinput 21_gridanim

20_bringit 19_running

18_newlighting 17_physics

16_levelgeo_skewed 15_levelgeo

14_hbao 13_newshader

12_newshader 11_perspective_skewed

10_perspective_flat 09_scene

08_scene 07_shadertest2

06_shadertest 05_shadertest


02_testing 01_testing



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  1. Neat!
    Question, Did you start as an artists or coder do you reckon if you started as the other it would be easier to get where you are now?

    1. I sort of developed an interest for both at the same time but it would be fair to say I got comfortable with coding first. After studying CS for a while I decided I wanted to work as a 3D artist instead and did that for some time. Now I’m back to CS though.

      Ultimately I think having a background in programming is more useful as a whole. If you are developing tools however, a background as an artist can be extremely useful as you know how the user (which previously was you) thinks!

    1. Thanks! I’m currently rewriting the renderer from scratch. Might take a while but I should have some interesting stuff to show once it’s done.

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